Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bad me...

So, I haven't been to the gym since Monday the 21st, bad bad me.. It's definitely not out of choice. I had my Mom come in on Monday night. I had to run around with her on Tuesday, then she flew out Tuesday night. Wednesday I had been going FOREVER so I needed to take a break, so that's what I did. :) Thursday, Gia came and we ran around like banshee's until Saturday morning when she left, then my mom came Saturday night and we went to Lion King today, then she leaves tomorrow morning, which I could go to the gym, but volunteered to babysit a friend Josh's kids while his wife goes to her preggo appointment, which why would I turn down watching 2 cutesey kids! So officially, TUESDAY is back to gym day FOR SURE! There's no if, and's or but's about it.

I'm excited to get back. My body feels like crap. It's crazy how when you eat like crap you actually end up feeling like crap. Like I FEEL fat even though I've only gained maybe a pound. It sucks. I feel tired and dragged down. I always said, I don't FEEL like I have more energy now that i'm working out more, but man, when I stop... it's like dang... I really DO have more energy. Just gotta get back on the bandwagon.

Wayne's graduation is slowly approaching as well... and I've gotta look the best I can. I've lost a total of 8 lbs since he's been gone, and granted that's not a lot of lb's lost, but my body has really transformed. Well, a little. I think I look a little different. It will be nothing like Wayne's, but hey... I do what I can with what I can... it's a battle and it will be continue to be a battle. The last part is always the hardest. I have 17 more lbs till my "goal." So I'm over halfway... That's more than I could have ever asked for. I'm proud of myself and who I've become...

48 days down only 25 left....

Friday, September 18, 2009

39 down, 34 to go...

So here's me and my silly count down. My loves been gone 39 days and his graduation and the day I will see him is 34 days away. Frankly I'm excited to almost be in the 20's! It's almost a month away... just 4 short days. My mom is coming on Monday to leave to meetings in Iowa. She'll come in Monday night and leave Tuesday night then come back Saturday and we will go to The Lion King on Sunday. I'm really excited about that! I've heard it was GREAT!

The gym is going well. Today FELT like a long cardio day, so I ran for just over an hour and did 6.5 miles, with a 5 min/.25 mile warm up and cool down, so a 7 mile total. I wish the treadmill wouldn't stop at 60 minutes. Sometimes I feel like doing more and it just stops me... I'm not sure how to get around it either... I guess the alternate would be going outside. I used to run outside all the time, but the thought kind of spooks me now. It's gettin a little chilly too.

I refuse to turn on my heat until October at the earliest. I REALLY want to try to wait until after I get back from Bub's graduation, but I'm freezing now, so toughing it out till October might be the extent of it. My freakin' gas bill was $19 last month! HA! How awesome is that! It's amazing how much your utilities go down when it's just you.

Oh! Good news! I got my cat to stop peeing and pooping all over the house... At least for now. I had to lock her in the bathroom with a cat box and food and water for a whole day and night and she used it GREAT in there. I'd go in every couple hours and clean anything she had done and the next day I let her out when I was home, after I shampooed the carpet where she loved to go. Both bedroom doors get closed so no sneak attacks and sure enough, 3 days later I let her out for the whole day and she went potty in the potty by herself! She got treats and lovin, so hopefully it will continue.

Ang was here last week and it was an ABSOLUTE blast! We had such a great time! We made a hoodie for a friend getting married next month. We also customized some undies, a crown and some other choice products. :) She just got it today and LOVED it!! So awesome! We also painted the bathroom and redid it all. New shower curtain, and some new fixtures. It's beautiful now. :) So anyway, while she was here I obviously failed to eat great, instead I ate.. "good." And didn't work out a lick besides walking around to a million places! All in all though it was good on my body. I think I needed it. I ended up losing almost a pound and lost about 4 inches total! AWESOME! I can't wait to weigh in this week to see what it did to kick start my body after that break.

I FINALLY get to watch the gators play tomorrow! I'm so excited! It's the first game that's actually on the tv! yahoo!!! Anyway... a lot happened and more to happen, just stoppin in :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

38 days and counting...

So, I have 38 days until I leave... Not only am I counting this down, I'm counting up. He's been gone 33 days, therefore it makes us almost halfway! YAY! I'm really really excited!! Angela was here this week which was AWESOME! we had a BLAST! We made this really cool hoodie for a friend who's getting married next month. We also customized of pair of granny panties, a "pleasure toy", a card and a crown. She is set! We're mailing it off tomorrow! yay! I got 2 AMAZING dresses for Wayne's graduation. We couldn't decide between one or the other and we got great reviews for both AND when I went back to look again they were both half off! Ultimately it was like just buying one!! :D That made me happy! I'm getting a lot of letters from Bub which is AMAZING! It's so good to hear from him. He sounds like he's doing good and losing weight like crazy! Which is to be expected, but I bet he looks amazing! I'll be buying my ticket this week, which just excites me beyond words. Other than that, I haven't worked out once since Ang has been here and I've eaten like crap. The way I think about it is I'm shocking my body then next week I'll be back to hitting it hard! I'm actually excited to go back to what I was doing. Bad food doesn't make you feel good, as much as it tastes good. I would rather have good food and not GREAT food and have my body feel GREAT and not like complete crap. The risk/reward thing just is too obvious. Until next time...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week in review

Soo... I worked out everyday except for Wednesday this week, but I did work out twice on Thursday so I did 7 work outs this week. Amazing. I did 315 minutes of cardio and burned over 3000 calories doing that. I also did weight training, which is not calculated into those calories burned. Also, on Wednesday I cleaned the whole house, top to bottom, so there had to have been some kind of work out in there too. I feel really good. I run a minimum of 3 miles when I go in which I find mind boggling, because 3 miler days used to be my long days... it's now pretty norm. I did a total of 33.5 miles last week and out of that 22.5 were on the treadmill! Yay for me!

I got a letter from Bub yesterday. He sounds like he's doing good. He's dropped about 20 lbs since being there! That is just AMAZING! I'm so ridiculously proud of him. He misses me as much as I miss him, but that's to be expected. Only 6.5 more weeks and he'll be done!

My friend Angela, who I met on Soloops is coming up to visit me! I'm so happy! I've been trying to recruit everyone to come up since Bub left to keep my company! She'll be my first (and probably only) visitor! YAHOO!!! :D She has some family up here too so while I HAVE to be at work she's going to be able to visit her family... or not. Whatever she pleases I guess!

That's all for now... Here's to another bitchin' work out tomorrow :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've started to do a new type of work out that focuses on fat burning rather than weight training. Ultimately what I'm trying to do is shed weight off, not necessarily gain muscle. It comes down to lean vs muscly and for now, I'd like to just be lean. Today was my first day. I did a 3.5 mile right with a .25 mil warm up and cool down walk. Then did squats with a 9 lb bar held over my head to work on my stabilizers in my shoulders. Then did 22 push ups, then 15 push ups, then 10 push ups, followed by 3 sets of 20 sit ups, then 20 lunges 3 times and ended with pull ups with a 55 lb assist. I did 15 then 10 then 5. Stuff's tough. It really wears out your muscles. and by doing the squats it really made my knee hurt so I might not go as deep next time. It got me tired and energized at the same time, so all is good. I go back tonight to do some more cardio and TAN. YES! I love me some skin cancer! ;) yikes!

Oh!! Guess what I did yesterday!? I decided to retest my mile time since I hadn't tested it for speed in about 2.5 months. So I warm up, start going and .45 through..... my treadmill shuts down... WTF?! Seriously?! I have NO idea why but it severely pissed me off. So as fast as it will let me I jack it back up to whatever I was doing and clock a half mile at about 3:33, which would put me at about a 7:06 mile, which is GREAT... not complaining at all, but I don't want an estimate. I want a for sure, I KNOW I got this time. So I felt pretty good and decided to just redo it. The second time around didn't feel as awesome as the first, but I made it. In 6:59. Oh yeah! Sub 7 minute mile!! I'm stoke! Now for the difference. My last mile ran was a 7:59! I took ONE WHOLE MINUTE off my mile!! WAAAHOOOOOO!!! AWESOME! I'm sooo stoked!!

In Wayne's world (haha) he's doing alright. I got a letter from him saying he had to go to sick call (aka the clinic). His knee got all swollen, which is not new, and after 5 hours they gave him some ibuprofen and sent him on his way. I guess he's doing well. He's now 2 weeks 1 day in, which means 6 weeks 6 days left. In fact, he'll be waking up for day16 in about 20 minutes... weird. I miss him terribly. I sometimes look at the chair he used to sit in all the time and just cry cuz I can picture him in it. I just need to focus that energy on my working out :)