Saturday, July 9, 2011

Must... Blog... in... July.... :)

So my sister and I have begun our day zero project. It's a sort of bucket list, but with a 1001 day limit instead of your life as the limit. More of these are fun things, or things that you'd say "YEAH!! I totally did that!" However, some are actual things I'd like to get done in my life. We recently added read all the Harry Potter books. Granted I've already read them all, but that was SOOOO long ago, so I (we) have 3 years to read the whole series again. Anywho, that's on the move and we recently finished our FIRST one. We went 24 hours with know phone or computer. It was challenging, but sooo entertaining to see how people will get ahold of you when you don't have a cell phone. Today we're beginning another project, which is make a cake for someones birthday. Waynes birthday is tomorrow so we're making him a cake. We decided we can't just do a normal in the pan cake, so we're making something WAY cooler! :) I'll have to update with what we do.

Alright, enough of day zero on to my sweet baby girl. She is absolutely amazing! She was 6 weeks old yesterday and I can't believe it's already been that long. It's sad, but so good to see she's growing happy and healthy. The poor girl still has gas issues and that throws her for a loop sometimes, but she's been working through it and we do all we can to help her out. It's something that the Dr. said she'll just grow out of. We hope it's soon so she's not as uncomfortable.

Enough of the chat, here's my sweet love.

Mommy and me in gator gear! GO GATORS!!

our sweet honey <3

getting more and more smiles lately :)

Layla and the Northwestern!

Silly girl! HAHA! Black mail for when she's older :P

and lastly, sleeping beauty <3