Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week in review

Soo... I worked out everyday except for Wednesday this week, but I did work out twice on Thursday so I did 7 work outs this week. Amazing. I did 315 minutes of cardio and burned over 3000 calories doing that. I also did weight training, which is not calculated into those calories burned. Also, on Wednesday I cleaned the whole house, top to bottom, so there had to have been some kind of work out in there too. I feel really good. I run a minimum of 3 miles when I go in which I find mind boggling, because 3 miler days used to be my long days... it's now pretty norm. I did a total of 33.5 miles last week and out of that 22.5 were on the treadmill! Yay for me!

I got a letter from Bub yesterday. He sounds like he's doing good. He's dropped about 20 lbs since being there! That is just AMAZING! I'm so ridiculously proud of him. He misses me as much as I miss him, but that's to be expected. Only 6.5 more weeks and he'll be done!

My friend Angela, who I met on Soloops is coming up to visit me! I'm so happy! I've been trying to recruit everyone to come up since Bub left to keep my company! She'll be my first (and probably only) visitor! YAHOO!!! :D She has some family up here too so while I HAVE to be at work she's going to be able to visit her family... or not. Whatever she pleases I guess!

That's all for now... Here's to another bitchin' work out tomorrow :)

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