Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've started to do a new type of work out that focuses on fat burning rather than weight training. Ultimately what I'm trying to do is shed weight off, not necessarily gain muscle. It comes down to lean vs muscly and for now, I'd like to just be lean. Today was my first day. I did a 3.5 mile right with a .25 mil warm up and cool down walk. Then did squats with a 9 lb bar held over my head to work on my stabilizers in my shoulders. Then did 22 push ups, then 15 push ups, then 10 push ups, followed by 3 sets of 20 sit ups, then 20 lunges 3 times and ended with pull ups with a 55 lb assist. I did 15 then 10 then 5. Stuff's tough. It really wears out your muscles. and by doing the squats it really made my knee hurt so I might not go as deep next time. It got me tired and energized at the same time, so all is good. I go back tonight to do some more cardio and TAN. YES! I love me some skin cancer! ;) yikes!

Oh!! Guess what I did yesterday!? I decided to retest my mile time since I hadn't tested it for speed in about 2.5 months. So I warm up, start going and .45 through..... my treadmill shuts down... WTF?! Seriously?! I have NO idea why but it severely pissed me off. So as fast as it will let me I jack it back up to whatever I was doing and clock a half mile at about 3:33, which would put me at about a 7:06 mile, which is GREAT... not complaining at all, but I don't want an estimate. I want a for sure, I KNOW I got this time. So I felt pretty good and decided to just redo it. The second time around didn't feel as awesome as the first, but I made it. In 6:59. Oh yeah! Sub 7 minute mile!! I'm stoke! Now for the difference. My last mile ran was a 7:59! I took ONE WHOLE MINUTE off my mile!! WAAAHOOOOOO!!! AWESOME! I'm sooo stoked!!

In Wayne's world (haha) he's doing alright. I got a letter from him saying he had to go to sick call (aka the clinic). His knee got all swollen, which is not new, and after 5 hours they gave him some ibuprofen and sent him on his way. I guess he's doing well. He's now 2 weeks 1 day in, which means 6 weeks 6 days left. In fact, he'll be waking up for day16 in about 20 minutes... weird. I miss him terribly. I sometimes look at the chair he used to sit in all the time and just cry cuz I can picture him in it. I just need to focus that energy on my working out :)

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