Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another day zero thing is I have to identify 25 things I like about myself, so here goes!

1. I looove my eyes. I always get compliments and I like it!
2. I like my athleticness. I can pick up almost any sport. I may not be great, but I'll probably get it.
3. I like that I can cook. I haven't always been able to, but especially since becoming a stay at home mom I've really honed in on my skills.
4. I like my goofy pinky toe. It makes me, me.
5. I like that I handle pain well. Let's just say I gave birth with out even a thought of an epidural. I made it to the hospital and I had made it to 8-9 cm.
6. I like that I can fall asleep anywhere anytime. It's really come in handy :)
7. I like that I love working out. I may not always do it, but I truly get a euphoria from running and working out that is unlike anything else.
8. I like that I can TYPE! and fast!
9. I like that I can take a step back and realize things aren't THAT bad. The husband taught me this long ago. He would always say to me "no one is sick, or dying. Everything is ok." I try to say that every time I'm getting overwhelmed by a situation.
10. I like my body. I don't love my body, although I have, but I really do. I'm a curvy lady and that's OKAY!
11. I like that I run my own business. It took a lot of guts and hard work, but I'm doing it!
12. I like that I am musically inclined. I can carry a tune and play a few instruments :)
13. I like that I'm honest. It may not always be nice (and those I try to keep to myself) but, at least I don't get caught up in lies
14. I like that I'm open. I try to not get bogged down by what I think I believe or just by what someone has told me, I try to listen to all sides and decide for myself whats best for me. Research is also key in that
15. I like that I'm more spiritual now. I feel like having a better bond with God has made me a better person.
16. I like that I am technologically sound. I can work my way around almost any technology.
17. I love my ability to forgive easily. I'm not one to hold a grudge.
18. I love my creative self. Whether it be photography, hair dressing or whatever!
19. I love my love for animals. I guess it's the same as babies. I love cute and cuddly things. I love that I love cute and cuddly things :)
20. I like that I remember peoples special things. Whether it be a birthday, christmas, just because, WHATEVER! I never forget thank you notes and I'm sure people appreciate this. It makes me happy.
21. I like that I have family upon family upon family. I have my REAL family, which can be quite extensive, I have my in laws who are awesome and also quite extensive, then my love not blood family which is also quite extensive. I love love love it.
22. I like that I love to garden. It's a recent love, presumably inherited by my mutha. I think it's ever since I got a yard I've been more interested.  
23. I like my hair... most days. I like that it's versatile most. I can straighten it, curl it, it's kinda curlyish so lots of options.
24. I like my parenting skills. I like to think I have just the right mixture of love and discipline.
25. I like the feeling of my skin. Sounds weird and boastful, but my skin on my stomach has always been really soft. I love it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One hundred: Happy

Oh boy and a half! 100 things that make me happy! Here goes nothin'!

  1. Layla's giggle
  2. Waynes dimples
  3. A good cup of coffee
  4. Reality TV
  5. Game shows
  6. Rosie (my truck)
  7. Smell of fresh laundry
  8. Making food people enjoy
  9. Pink
  10. Girl scout cookies
  11. Pictures
  12. Babies
  13. New clothes
  14. Great big hugs
  15. Reading
  16. The Bible
  17. Breastfeeding
  18. Being pregnant
  19. Yellow
  20. Cats
  21. Snow
  22. Family
  23. Friends
  24. Glass of wine
  25. Memories
  26. Crunching leaves in fall
  27. Down comforters
  28. Hot showers/baths
  29. Christmas
  30. Naps
  31. Holding hands with Wayne
  32. Backrubs
  33. Running
  34. Tim Tebow... it's true love I tell ya!
  35. Shopping
  36. Phantom of the Opera
  37. Old school Disney movies
  38. A good fitting pair of jeans
  39. Pinterest
  40. Nail polish
  41. My jewelry
  42. Alaska
  43. The beach
  44. Travelling
  45. Being debt free
  46. Laughing
  47. Sunsets/sunrises
  48. Wayne's arms
  49. Wayne
  50. Flip flops
  51. Yoga
  52. Basketball
  53. Volleyball
  54. College football
  55. Layla
  56. A nice warm blanket
  57. Moutains
  58. Playing card games with my grandma
  59. A good joke
  60. Boys
  61. Grilled Cheddarwurst
  62. Good advice
  63. My moms cookin'
  64. Harry Potter
  65. Giving birth
  66. Crocheting
  67. Mac
  68. Making my own bread from grains I grind
  69. Flowers
  70. Watching Layla grow and learn new things
  71. Florida Gators
  72. Romance
  73. Heels
  74. MAC Make up
  75. Dogs
  76. Warmth
  77. Sleeping
  78. Quiet
  79. Good manners
  80. Photography
  81. Music
  82. Daydreaming
  83. Reeses
  84. Hoodies
  85. Bows
  86. Doing hair
  87. Saving money
  88. Brushing my teeth
  89. Thoughtful gifts
  90. Giving out Christmas cards
  91. Helping people
  92. A clean house
  93. Layla's fingers and toes
  94. Cranberry juice
  95. Dalen Beck's smooches
  96. Blogging
  97. Getting thank you notes
  98. Visual history (I'm not much of a textbook learning history person)
  99. Coloring
  100. New car smell

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gulkana, a memory

Another one of day zero's items is write our favorite memory on Gulkana St. If you're unaware of where that is, it's the street I grew up on.

So, my favorite memories include anything with my neighbors. I thought long and hard about one specific one, but couldn't pin point it. However, everything I could think of included my neighbors. Whether it was building snow forts with the Comer's, playing with Kokomo, Marcie Robertson's dog, climbing my cousin Melissa and Christine's tree, finding bird nests in the Hill's entry way, life was never dull. I cherish every moment that I had with every one of my neighbors and that's why those times are my favorite memory.