Friday, September 18, 2009

39 down, 34 to go...

So here's me and my silly count down. My loves been gone 39 days and his graduation and the day I will see him is 34 days away. Frankly I'm excited to almost be in the 20's! It's almost a month away... just 4 short days. My mom is coming on Monday to leave to meetings in Iowa. She'll come in Monday night and leave Tuesday night then come back Saturday and we will go to The Lion King on Sunday. I'm really excited about that! I've heard it was GREAT!

The gym is going well. Today FELT like a long cardio day, so I ran for just over an hour and did 6.5 miles, with a 5 min/.25 mile warm up and cool down, so a 7 mile total. I wish the treadmill wouldn't stop at 60 minutes. Sometimes I feel like doing more and it just stops me... I'm not sure how to get around it either... I guess the alternate would be going outside. I used to run outside all the time, but the thought kind of spooks me now. It's gettin a little chilly too.

I refuse to turn on my heat until October at the earliest. I REALLY want to try to wait until after I get back from Bub's graduation, but I'm freezing now, so toughing it out till October might be the extent of it. My freakin' gas bill was $19 last month! HA! How awesome is that! It's amazing how much your utilities go down when it's just you.

Oh! Good news! I got my cat to stop peeing and pooping all over the house... At least for now. I had to lock her in the bathroom with a cat box and food and water for a whole day and night and she used it GREAT in there. I'd go in every couple hours and clean anything she had done and the next day I let her out when I was home, after I shampooed the carpet where she loved to go. Both bedroom doors get closed so no sneak attacks and sure enough, 3 days later I let her out for the whole day and she went potty in the potty by herself! She got treats and lovin, so hopefully it will continue.

Ang was here last week and it was an ABSOLUTE blast! We had such a great time! We made a hoodie for a friend getting married next month. We also customized some undies, a crown and some other choice products. :) She just got it today and LOVED it!! So awesome! We also painted the bathroom and redid it all. New shower curtain, and some new fixtures. It's beautiful now. :) So anyway, while she was here I obviously failed to eat great, instead I ate.. "good." And didn't work out a lick besides walking around to a million places! All in all though it was good on my body. I think I needed it. I ended up losing almost a pound and lost about 4 inches total! AWESOME! I can't wait to weigh in this week to see what it did to kick start my body after that break.

I FINALLY get to watch the gators play tomorrow! I'm so excited! It's the first game that's actually on the tv! yahoo!!! Anyway... a lot happened and more to happen, just stoppin in :)

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