Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, I had another photography stint. It's amazing how much you remember you love something when you're reunited with it. I took some pregnancy/maternity photo's of a friend this last week and it took me 5 days to edit all the pictures. WOW! I'm really pleased with the outcome and I think she is too (from what she's seen). I take them out to her on Tuesday. I'm super excited. I thought I'd just display some here. Some of my proud art work!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Game Day!

Well, I'm pleased to announce both of our college football teams did good today. The Ohio State Buckeyes (Wayne's team, obviously) beat their long time rival the Michigan Wolverines. They gave them a pretty good beatin' if I do say so myself. Now in order to watch this precious game though, we had to wake up at 8:30 this morning. To any normal person, that's not all that bad, but to us night owls, no can do. I work 4-midnight on a regular basis and you know it takes a couple hours to wind down, so at the earliest I go to bed sometime around 2. Wayne works 11pm-4am, roughly, so he usually goes to sleep at about 5 am. So needless to say getting up at 8:30 am... kinda rough. We managed to get through the game though. After it was over we both decided to just crash. We fell back asleep for about another 3 hours.

Now my gators on the other hand did an even BETTER job. They played The Citadel, which I must admit isn't a very good team, and they just killed them. The final score ended up being 19-70. How ridiculous is that. What's even worse is the second half they played the 2nd and 3rd strings! Wowza. Just reporting a good day in the life a college football enthuisiests.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New opportunities...

Well, I titled this one appropriately I think. More than one opportunities have popped up for Wayne and I. I'll start with The VERY quick packet Wayne got to test for the Airport Police and Fire Department. He had tested before and wasn't able to make it through for some reasons, but he applied again and now he gets to try again! I think this is great. He works so hard to be what he wants to be and for this to happen so fast is a good sign. He had taken (and passed) the written test prior so he gets to skip that part and go straight to the physical test, which includes funning 1.5 miles in under 15 minutes, and a serious of fire tests. These include running 5 flights of stairs with a hose, raising and lowering a water bucket in the water well and several other tasks, mind you this is all done with gear on thats probably about 30 pounds. Now if anyone knows Wayne, we all know he goes to the gym, quite a bit. Well this has spurred something new. In light of these recent conditions I've decided to get back on that wagon. In the past we've had problems working out together just because he's used to doing this a certain way so long and I've never done any of it. But, we've really been working on each other and he now stops and helps me. It's great! We're both getting much better work outs. So we've started him on this interval program. Basically we get 1.5 miles done in .25 mile increments. But the idea is, is that we do those increments in a faster speed than he's comfortable with as to bring up his wind and condition him. He's really doing great. I'm so proud of him. In return, I start running with him as well. I do the program too, but I have a tendency to want to get to even distances.

For example, yesterday he was done with his 1.5 mile, but I had started one behind him, so I figured I'd not cheat him and ran out my final quarter mile, I did, but then figured I might as well get to 2 miles worth of running. By the time I was done with 2 miles worth of running (with some walking in between) I was at 3.35 miles. I then decided I might as well get to 3.5 miles. I ran/jogged/walked it. I'm odd like that. But I tell ya, I was having some serious runners high. I was getting what I used to get when I was working out a lot, it was great!

Oh a different level, some how Kaleigh Rodgers (a good friend who's due the beginning of next month) asked me to take some pregnancy photo's of her! I'm soooo excited!! :D It's always great to do friends because you don't feel awkward. I would have loved to be a photographer, but I'm so bad at meeting new people in person I don't think it would have worked out. Anyway, I've been browsing a lot looking for good ideas. I have a lot in mind and need to go purchase some items to shoot with. YAY!

Well, those are our recent new opportunities. I think they're all great and can't wait to see what comes of them! :D

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday Fever!

WOW! What can I say. We LOVE the holidays. We went out yesterday and bought about $100 worth of holiday decor. Now this includes SERIOUSLY on sale Halloween stuff. We got a lot of good cool stuff. Then we got some Christmasy decorations. It was a lot of fun. We picked out a fake wreath, just a plain ole one. We got stuff to put on it though, so in a sense, we're hand crafting our wreath! We got these little kits. Oh they were hilarious. We did them last night. To say the least, Bubba got burnt.. a FEW times, my head and my body wouldn't stay together, I chocked Rudolf and Santa has an effed up nose. I'll have to post pictures. They came out cute in the end, but the process to get there was interesting!
Here they are...

All in all it was a fun day though. We decided to do some baking too. We chose cream cheese brownies over frosted sugar cookies. Mainly because the only cookie cutters we had were all Christmasy, and all though we love that holiday we thought that its probably a WEE bit too early. The brownies turned out delish. Home made rocks my socks. We even made little heart ones. Not on purpose. We forgot that we don't have a 9x13 so we used a 9x9 plus 4 little hearts. They were fabulous.

Anyway, there will probably be pictures soon to be included in the post. The holidays are just around the corner and to say the least, we CAN NOT WAIT! :P Hope everyone has a good week!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Disappointing Election

Well the big election has come and gone and I really am disappointed in the outcome. I hope the new President Elect takes over, gets good advice and gets this country on track. I just don't see that happening with what this President plans on doing. I know a lot of people who don't like history and just think of it as the past, but they don't see that it's true; that if you don't learn from your past you are doomed to repeat it. Now if our past was all peaches and cream then that would be OK I guess, but it isn't. We have elected a president who has some of the same plans that president Herbert Hoover had prior to the great depression. And most of you should know what happened then. But it seems you don't, seeing as how you have elected President Elect Obama. Now for the most part I don't have much of a problem with the man when it comes to his personal life. Most people have something negative in there past and politicians are no different. I don't want to sound like one of the many fear mongering conservatives, but it is kinda odd how a man can go to a church that condones the repeated hate speeches of a man that is condemning the United States and an entire race of people. And when questioned of this all Obama said was "I went to that church because it was my church. I had no say in who speaks at my church." Umm well I know that if I went to a church that allowed speeches like this I would find a new church. It's simple to me, but he didn't do this. If I went to a church that on occasion allowed some crazy white supremacist speak, even once a year I would leave never to return. Oh yeah, to say the least I would make sure to cut all ties to the man himself which he did not, not even close. That is until he was called out for his relations with Rev. J. Wright. Thats when he decided to distance himself from this man.

Well enough of that. Whats done is done. Now lets look at this CHANGE thing. Umm I'm kinda confused. See I've been watching the news lately and noticed that most of these people Pres. Obama is surrounding himself with are former Clinton staff. Umm doesn't sound like much change to me, just sounds like we are going back to an administration that got lucky and sat through a pretty easy 8 years of our Governments history. Oh yeah and not to mention a VP who has been in Washington for more than 30 years. Again not much change.

Now lets take a look at this other minor problem I have, taxes. Now I'm not rich, I'm barely middle class at the moment, but I don't see how its right or fair that someone who chooses to work hard or study to become a doctor, lawyer, etc has to pay a higher percent in taxes. Now if someone can explain to me how that is fair please do so. In a capitalist govt. it doesn't work; now in a communist govt. that's standard rich pay the poors way. All this is going to do is serve to make already dependent people, more dependent. It is going to make a lazy lethargic society even more so and that upsets me a great deal.

Enough for now as you can see I am a little heated over this issue and it is tough talking about this subject out in the open. It just angers me when I ask simple questions of people who voted for the man and they can't answer them because they don't know what the man is going to do about anything.

Well until I go on my next tirade.


We had a baby?!

So I saw this on someone elses blog and thought it was HILARIOUS. So you know those VW Routon commercials where Brooke Shields talks about people have babies just for the car? Well they have a baby maker on their site. This is what our kid came out like. Cute, right?

Just thought it was entertaining. hehe.

Friday, November 7, 2008

11/5/08 Work Out

So, I have been ridiculously lazy about going to the gym and Wayne's been great. I'm so proud of him for going even though I've been a real drag lately. Well I decided to get off my lazy butt and GO. So instead totally killing myself the first time back I decided to walk. In the mean time Wayne wanted me to train him, so we did a interval type training. It went a little something like this...

Walk - 1 min.
Run - 1 min.
Walk - 1 min.
Run - 2 min.
Walk - 1 min.
Run - 3 min.
Walk - 1 min.
Run - 4 min.
Walk - 1 min.
Run - 5 min.
Walk - 1 min.
Run - 4 min.
Walk - 1 min.
Run - 3 min.
Walk 1 min.
Run - 2 min.
Walk 1 min.
Run 1 min.
Walk 1 min.

So as you can see its a build up and tear down. On the way down I also increased his speed by .2 each run he went down. So we walked at 3.0 then ran at 6.0 and on 4 min we did 6.2, 3 min we did 6.4, 2 min we did 6.6 and 1 min we'd do 6.8 if we got there. What I'm planning on this doing is training his body to push harder toward the end. To be able to have that extra endurance later in the run. Anyway, he didn't quite make it through, but I'm proud none the less. He made it almost all the way through the 5 min, but not quite. he made it sporadically down until 2 min then had to get off. For being his first time I was rather proud. I know he thinks he let me down but he didn't. Anyway, we're working on building that up and I'm going to track it on here, just so we can see progress... That's all for now, and I'll continue to walk. :)

The beginning...

So we have decided to start a blog... more like I decided to start a blog. Wayne is just coming along for the ride. What I'm meaning is it's going to be about US, but I will probably be the only one ever writing in it.