Monday, January 2, 2012

Layla - 220 days old

Ugh... I feel sick... Layla went down just after 7 and she's woken up 2 or 3 times now, once for 40 minutes. I can't go in there or else I'll ruin all our progress, but it literally makes me sick to listen to her. :( I get all anxious and sick feeling. Anyway, she slept GREAT last night. Went to bed just before 8 and slept with out a peep until 2:30, then slept again with out a peep until just after 8. However, her first nap, when I put her down at 10:30, she slept for about 10 minutes then woke up and was playing in her crib. I leave her in there an hour no matter how she's acting because she at least an hour of just alone time. Well she talked some of it, cried some of it and was quiet some of it. It wasn't until it had been literally 59 minutes did she fall back asleep... She was asleep only a half an hour but it was better than nothing. She then went to Nana's so W and I could shovel out a path to our fuel tank. She had fun running errands and hanging out. We came back home and she passed right out. She actually fell asleep eating, which is rare. She took the best nap she has in days, which was about an hour and a half. She was up semi happily until she went to bed just after 7. So, we'll see how the rest of our night goes. I just wish she could sleep peacefully... until tomorrow!

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