Friday, December 30, 2011

Layla - 215 days old

This is for yesterday since I got really busy last night... She let me sleep in!! There are always benefits and not so benefits to this. Obvious benefit is I got to sleep later! WAAHOO!! Not so benefit was that she took a late first nap and a late second nap and when it was time for bed she wasn't all that tired. Tired enough to go to sleep, but not tired enough to sleep super well. So last night it was up at 2:30 and again at 6:30. The 6:30 one I brought her downstairs and let her co-sleep/nurse and got an extra hour and a half out of her. She has been so happy these last couple days, all the way until bed time and it's sooo awesome! She's been less clingy too. The only time she really gets clingy is if she's hungry or she's tired. I think that's pretty normal. Overall a great day with my baby girl...

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