Friday, December 16, 2011

Layla - 203 days old

Last night was a little weird. She got up around 11 and was AWAKE. she hasn't done this in quite a while. so i came up and fed her and she went back to sleep until around 6 am. i just fed her again and put her back in bed. when i came up at 7:45 she was still asleep so i woke her up. we got our pictures taken today! we had a great time and Kristen did so good!! :D I think we got some great shots for sure. Then we came home she ate some oatmeal and took a nap! i had to head to the basketball games before she got up so i went there and when she got there she ate. she was a little grumpy about the games. had a little bit of attachment problems. all she wanted to do was sit with me. so after hearing her cry for quite some time i just went ahead and got her and sat her on the bench with me :) it was just in time to come home and eat then go to bed. she went down great but as i type and it's 10:50 she's awake, AGAIN! She's been awake for at least 30 minutes, but i don't go in there because it's bed time. i know she's not hungry, so i'm just trying to sleep train her into not getting up :) as of this moment she is in there quiet, so maybe she's falling asleep again. aaand here she is!

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