Saturday, December 17, 2011

Layla - 204 days old

We got to sleep in today!! I think we didn't get up until around 8:15 or 8:30! That was nice! She got up a little fussy though. She quickly turned to her normal self though :) She took a nap around 10:30-11:15. Her morning naps have been a little on the short side, but what can you do, I guess? When she got up from her nap she got some cereal, fed to her by none other than DADDY! Then W go to feed her for the first time ever! 6.5 months old and this is the first time he's feeding her. I had pumped some and since we're trying to work on getting her to not have so much attachment to me, he fed her! I think he loved it! She plowed through everything I had pumped so I fed her a little too. Then it was down for her last nap. Right after she got up is when I had to head to the gym and from what I heard she was a little turd! However, she was probably tired and hungry. I came home after the first game and fed her and put her to bed. She's been there ever since. I guess we're about to find out if she's continuing with the whole getting up around 10 or 11. As of now (it's 10:14) I haven't heard anything, but that's not to say in a minute she won't. I think that's all for today! We're going to breakfast tomorrow and then church! :)


  1. sounds like she is doing fantastic, and I am glad that W is getting able to feed her! cant wait to see all of you! where are you going to church?