Thursday, December 15, 2011

Layla - 201 days

This is for last night, since my charger decided to stop working again. Which I've come to find out is all due to Layla sucking on it, so I find this rather fitting... Ha! Yesterday was pretty good!! She's getting better and better at eating everyday. We usually feed her everyday after her morning nap. Since W's been home I've been letting him do a lot of the feedings so she gets more and more comfortable with him. With him working 12 hours a day on his weeks on and then sleeping for the rest or only seeing her and hour or 2 she still is not sure about him. He takes it well though :) anyway, she took a short first nap but a nice 2 hour second nap. We're happy with this. We're hoping the first one stretches out a little bit more too. Until tonight :) btw, I'm doing this all from my phone!! Ahh!! Here she is!

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