Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Layla - 200 days old

Well today was alright. She got up at 7:30ish I think. She was a little whiny in the morning, but nothing a little nap couldn't cure. She wore her momma's dress today! It's fun to put my clothes on her. It's even funner/funnier to see the style changes!! I always ask my mom why the dresses are so short! She's like because that was the style back then! :P Anyway, we played a lot today, woke up daddy around 12:30 and then took another nap. When she got up from that one, which was about 2 hours long we went out and ran errands as a family. We saw Nana at the store and then came home again for a short nap. I went to basketball practice and it was up to W to put her down. Apparently that didn't go over to well and she cried for a while until she fell asleep. I hate when she does that, but I know that's how it has to go sometimes. W said she kept looking at the door for me, which breaks my heart, but I know she was in good hands and she's just fine. Sweet dreams my baby love...

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