Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crème Brûlée!! (a post inspired by STEENA! (you go girl!))

Yes, I was craving crème brûlée SO bad that I just went and ahead and made it! It was my first time every making it, but I think I did a pretty good job! :P And as the title of the post read, this is a post inspired by Steena's Style. She's an awesome blogger! I can never wait to read them!

So we started out by boiling the water


Then we warm the cream, sugar and vanilla


We prepare the baking dish with a damp towel 


Get out our little ramekins!


We tempur the egg mixture with the cream mixture...


pour, fill with water and bake :)


And the final product!! Pardon the uneven browning as I don't have a blow torch so just had to use my  broiler. 


aaaand it must have been delicious ;)

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