Tuesday, February 2, 2010

179 days!!

Yup! We're tying the knot in 179 days!! I can't believe it! It feels like just yesterday we were well over 200! The other positive to all this going so fast is that means time W is gone is going by fast too! He's already been gone a month today and it's really flown. I think this wedding planning business really helps things move along. He's scared there won't be anything for him to do.. YEAH RIGHT!

So far I've secured the ceremony and reception site, the photographer, the food (family), the cake, the bridesmaids, the bridesmaid dresses, the ring bearers and the flower girl. I'm about to send out my save the dates after I get them all addressed by lovely miss Tina. It is going really well. I really need to go talk to a florist... Maybe I'll bring Ang along to do that since she used to work for a florist or something like that...

Anywho, 50 days until w is home! yipee! he's been learning all kinds of junk in TEXAS. He's learned how to do those emergency tracheotomy things and give IV's and he's now officially EMT certified! I'm so freakin' proud it's stupid! I love that man! I'm so happy I'm marrying my best friend...

Anywho... That's all for now. :)

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