Friday, March 19, 2010

Wishing I could be there...

Well, W got back from being out in the field for 2 weeks with out communication yesterday. I wasn't expecting him to get back until today, so to get a phone call yesterday was GLORIOUS! He sounded beat and after hearing what he had been through, my heart just broke.

After being out there a day and going into it severely sick he got to the point where he couldn't even keep water down and was throwing up through most of his training. I guess at that point they decided he needed to go to the hospital. They took him from Camp Bullis, aka middle of nowhere, to the hospital on base, where they proceeded to pump him full of liquids as he was severely dehydrated. Apparently that did it, because he felt a million times better and could actually eat now! Yay!

So he's got his PT test on Monday and he's GOT to pass it. He's really down right now because he hasn't passed it yet. It makes me want to be there for him. I just want to go and give him the biggest hug and kiss and say, listen... you CAN do this. Shit, I'd run it with him! Well, at least the last mile! It makes me so sad to see him so down when he has accomplished SO much.

I keep saying he'll be home in 6 days or 10 days or whatever it may be, but the reality is, he could not be home for another 2 weeks. I don't believe that will happen and I've been throwing up some prayers lately to help give him that extra boost to pass, but it could happen...

So if anyone actually reads this, could you please keep my dear lover in your thoughts. He takes his test Monday and I think a ton of support is JUST what he needs :)

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