Friday, October 2, 2009


So, about a week ago, I was informed via letter from my dearest that I would be getting pictures of him soon. Well, soon didn't come fast enough and here some 5 day later I got them!!! HOW AMAZING! I never knew a picture could make you feel so amazing... It truly does. I feel like an absolute nut for saying that, but it's so true. He looks just sooo handsome.

I DID go back to the gym on Tuesday. I stuck true to my word. I ran 3 miles, did push ups and sit ups . My push ups have gotten weak, but I'm back on it. Wednesday I ran 3.5 miles and did pull ups, sit ups and lunges. Today I did a 4 mile run, then calf raises, sit ups and squats. I put Bub's picture on the treadmill and it gave me this amazing motivation. Just to see the way he's transformed has made me want to just work even harder.

I still haven't talked to him in 3 week weeks. Well almost 3 weeks. Sunday makes 3 weeks. I'm going to take tomorrow off. I'm working some overtime until 4 am and I chaffed the inside of my thighs really bad from running with out spandex so they hurt pretttty bad. Just gonna give the body a rest and come back Saturday and hit it. The gators aren't playing, so I'm allowed to go to the gym ;)

I got my tires balanced on Wednesday. $59 bucks later and no shaky shaky on the steering wheel. The it was off to Josh's where he proceeded to remove my tires and rotors. We took them down to Shuck's and $30 later, both rotors were turned. He slapped it all back together and... No shaky shaky when you break! hooray!!

I got a new book. Dan Brown came out with a new one. It's called The Lost Symbol. It brought Robert Langdon back. I didn't even read what it was about, I just know his books are good so I bought it. It was quite coincidental. Josh and I were talking about it on Sunday, I went to the store on Wednesday and saw it on sale in the middle of the aisle, so I got it. I got a read a little while I sipped on some coffee and ate a poppyseed almond muffin at Kaladi Bros. My tires got done a lot faster than I thought, so I didn't get to dig in like I thought...

ps tina... you wrote 27 lbs, but I assume you meant 17, since that's what I wrote ;) We shall see! I'm ALMOST to healthy according to the BMI scale. By the way, who doesn't think that shit is fuuuucked up. *raises hand* Glad you all agree :D

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