Monday, October 26, 2009


So, I'm back. With TONS of stories. AGH! Most not so good. So I get in Tuesday night to Columbus. All is great. Wednesday we pack up and leave at night. So we're getting into Ft. Knox at about 11 at night. Well we(W's sister, myself and her 3 kids) are following her mom and dad in a car ahead of us. Well they end up taking the wrong exit and it takes us right to the gate. So we got acquainted with the gate early on. They told us to turn around and what not and we did and headed to our hotel. We got into bed around 11:30 and try as I might to fall asleep it just wasn't happening. I FINALLY fell asleep at a little past 2 am knowing I had to be up at 4 am. 4am rolls around and I'm up and adam.

Just a little background, we had discussed about what time we should leave. According to the letter we got it told us it would take a minimum of 90 minutes to get on base AND when W called the day before he told me that if we weren't there by 8am (graduation was at 9am) that we wouldn't get in the building because it was small.

So we figured if we leave by 6 that will get us on base as early as 730, putting us with enough time to be able to get into graduation. So our car full of 7 people pull up, they ask for the letter, and all our id's check em and send us on our way... SERIOUSLY... THAT'S IT?! haha! So after we got directions we decided to go a different way, resulting in us getting lost and having to come back and get scolded by the same guy who gave us directions. He was really funny about it.

We ended up pulling into our final destination at about 6:30... that's right. 2.5 hours before graduation is set to start. There's already a line forming and with a 4 month old, 2 year old and a 6 year old it just wasn't gonna happen for us. Well, about a half an hour in we saw the doors open so we headed over to the line. Well apparently that was just people going pee... So we hear this guy say they're not opening the doors until 8 so we decided to suck it up and just stay out there. Mind you it's 7 am in Kentucky. It's not exactly WARM. Probably in the 40's or 50's. so 8 rolls around and nothing... One of the drills informs us that they're still practicing. fine... 8:15... nothing... 8:30... nothing... So at this point it's now been an hour and a half that we've been waiting outside! BAH! finally at about 8:40 they open the doors and we're let in.

As far as the ceremony it went really quick. I spotted W right when he walked in. He was supposed to be carrying the company guidon but due to a tie for the pt award they let the other guy carry the flag. W was pretty irked since he carried in in front of the company the whole cycle. So here they are marching in (this is actually first platoon)

Anyway, they released them and I just stayed back with his sister, kids and dad while his mom signed him out. I spotted him walking over and he hadn't spotted me yet. But I could tell the second he did. His face absolutely lit up. Here we are, right before hugging for the first time in TOO long...

and more...

FINALLY after the longest hug in history... we pulled back to see each other. I can guarantee my smile was JUST as big... He just kept telling me how amazing I looked and it was pretty obvious how amazing HE looks!

It was so good to finally be with him... we just hung out the rest of the trip. Ate a lot... haha. And just enjoyed each others company.

Here's a few more pictures for your enjoyment..

Us after graduation

His mom and dad with him

Him and his sister

Him and his oldest nephew

Him and his niece

And Just some of my handsome man... DAMN he's sexy!

So anyway, after we dropped him off we actually drove all the way back to Columbus. They made it pretty clear that we were not going to see him the next day, so don't even try. Well sure as shit I get a call from W the next morning saying it's 930a and we're heading to the airport and my flight doesn't leave until 330p. They told us our families could come hang out with us.... WTH!?! Ugh... So missed opportunities, but oh well...

So he's at Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio now awaiting his AIT to start which isn't going to be for another 2-3 weeks. He got told when his Christmas exodus is and got told to buy tickets now and so we're doing that. All in all it was a great trip. I got to hang out with Katie!! woohoo!! Here we are!!

That was about it. If you made it this far.. Kudo's!! And if you're wondering I've got 53 days until I see him next YAHOO!!! And this time it will be for more than 10 hours and we'll get some much needed ALONE time

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