Friday, October 16, 2009

Leaving in...

3 days 12 hours... I can't believe it! I'm really nervous though. I got a letter yesterday from Bub telling me that he failed his final run. He said he was sick and only failed by about 20 seconds. I know he can do it. He said they'd let the people who didn't pass retake up until graduation so I'm hoping and praying he gets it and I find out soon. It definitely puts a damper on your day when you're not 100% sure you'll be seeing them when you go. ya know? My friend who's husband is a drill sergeant did say that they don't like to see them fail and they get in trouble for it, so they usually make sure they pass and he's even tested someone on the day of graduation, but there's always that negativity in the back of your mind, you know? I'm sure he'll do fine and make it... just keep him in your thoughts. I'm THIS close to my goal of being below 150 before I leave. I'm currently below and plan to maintain it, but who knows what my body will do. I didn't work out today, just really wasn't in the mood. I got tons to do before I leave in an obviously very short time! That's all I have for now. All the good thoughts you can muster up for my honey please! :)

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