Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weigh in suckers!

So I weighed in on Tuesday as usual and I'm down 2.4 lbs to 158! waahooo! I'm a half a pound off of what my lowest has been so far!! WOOT! I'm hoping next week I'll majorly get below! :D I have good thoughts going that way ;)

Anyway, I think I've been doing rather awesome at the gym. I feel tired, but great after every work out. I've kinda stepped away from the big weights unless it's like chest :) And really all I do is bench press. I don't see any harm in that. Everything else is just my body weight. LOTS of cardio and body weight stuff. Ton's of abs, squats throwing a 10 lb medicine ball up at a wall, push ups of all varieties, back extensions, dips, pull ups... lots of things that don't require weights, just me.

So yeah, that's whats goin on so far. Still haven't heard from my honey since Friday. Well, besides a letter that he wrote on Thursday with a bunch of info I already know. It was great though.

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