Sunday, August 23, 2009

TWO minute phone call!

Oh yeah, you heard it right! I got a TWO minute phone call today! FREAKIN AWESOME! Especially since my last 2 were only 1 minute long. Anyway, he sounds good, other than he was losing his voice because of all the yelling. Poor honey.. :( Anyway, we found out we're getting BAH which is AWESOME. It's like $1200 extra a month! SWEEEET! So he started basic on Thursday which is the other good news. That means his last day SHOULD be on Oct 22nd, which is our 2 year anniversary! Wouldn't that we sweet!?

I worked out today. Did an hour and 10 minutes of cardio. No running. Ran yesterday, it was a pain in the ass. Not literally, but man, I felt like poop. Then I did back and bi's, which consisted of pull ups (I still suck, but it's getting better), back extensions, smith machine pull ups, assisted pull ups and hammer curls. Over all a good work out. Increasing weights just a little so I get stronger with out bulking out. Then today I did chest and tri's. I did those damn skull crushers again and I'm obviously getting stronger because they don't suck as much. The whole reason they sucked before was because I wasn't strong enough to do them. Anyway, I'm rambling. Night!

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