Monday, August 17, 2009

I go lightspeed!!!

Ok, maybe not light speed, but better than I thought! I ran 2 miles in 17:03 today and total surprised myself. I basically went off of what I have done and thats usually when i get to 2 miles or more it's at the fastest an average of 9 minute miles or more. like when I did my 4 mile run, they were 10 minute miles. Well If you calculate these 2 miles out, that's 8:30 miles! freakin' awesome! Another awesome thing is my last recorded fastest mile was 7:59, so to run 2 miles only 30 seconds on average slower... i'm amazed. I think I may need to recheck my mile. I think I can do better than that now. Anyway, I've started a regime to help my pull ups too. I want to be able to do one by the time Bub gets home. at least one. I did 5 with a 40 lbs assist, so I guess I technically pulled up almost 120 lbs! YAY! It was very poor, but I did it.

Still eating healthy, all whole foods. Today was oatmeal, cottage cheese, apple, egg beaters, cherries, turkey sammich and yogurt. YUM! :D

Weigh in is tomorrow. We'll see how that turns out.

Isn't it great when you're just sitting, thinking and a memory pops in? It could be 5 years ago or 5 minutes ago. This one happened to be 5 minutes ago. It made me giggle :)

Anywho, still no word from my honey since Friday when he needed the least faxed.. I hope I get a phone call or letter soon. I could really use it. I worry sometimes, but then realize he's probably ok. He's a pretty tough dude.

That's all... :)

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