Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've got to eat. My two days off I had a total of 3 bowls of cereal, a part of a piece of cake and some ice cream (my second mothers birthday), an apple and a yogurt. wtf? I feel sick when I eat and I feel starving when I don't eat. So stupid... I've started to force feed. If that's what it's gonna take, it must be done! I just went grocery shopping too! got lots of good stuff! Ton's of fruit... boy do I love fruit. I got banana's, apples, cherries, strawberries and a pineapple! yum! I've got to cut them up and organize tomorrow. I got some veggies too. Not sure what to do with it all yet. I did pretty good last time as far as preserving it all and using it. When bub's home I tend to let things go to waste, but with my new eating habits it's a lot harder to do that.

Anywho... as a result of my lack of eating and poor eating I went to the gym, ran 3.5 miles and was done. I was so sick and dizzy feeling it was ridiculous. It was abs and push ups night and I just did 20 push ups and went home. There I ended up doing 30 sit ups and 20 leg lifts and curls. Oh well. I've learned my lesson. Even though eating doesn't sound good... DO IT ANYWAY.

I got another letter from bub! SO good to hear from him! :) He's doing well it sounds. It's of course hard, but he sounds as good as one could. I miss him terribly. My heart just hurts everyday it's stupid and awesome all in one.

Anyway, just rambling... have a good night :)

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