Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A list of things...

Yes, I have a list of things. This isn't about one thing or another, it's about a list.

First off, my love left. Sad sad day for the both of us. I haven't heard from him in a whole day now, which is different, but ok. I know he'll be fine. He said he wants to make me proud. He'll make me proud no matter what, I know it. We've figured out his graduation is either going to be hopefully October 16 or October 23. I'm hoping the latter of the 2 (seems silly to want the further away one I know) but Oct 22 would be our 2 year anniversary, so that'd be awesome to spend it with him. I miss him like freakin crazy, but I refuse to let this time away be a hinder to either one of us. We will both become stronger, better people.

Numero Dos. My food journal for today. I feel the need to write it out because I'm DAMN proud of it. When W left, the next day and did some HEALTHY grocery shopping. I mean seriously healthy. Not one piece of processed food. It's awesome. I love looking in my fridge. I got cherries and grapes that I separated and bagged, and ground turkey and yogurt and all kinds of good stuff... SEE!

So on with the journal.

Woke up and had a bowl of honey bunches of oats (not the BEST, but bub bought some before he left and I figured i'd finish the box. It's a good transition move).

Went to the gym, came home and had a cut up tomato and cottage cheese. Good protein from the cottage cheese.

Lunch had a Turkey and cheese sammich on wheat. yum!

Dinner I had a Taco salad, with the meat being made out of the ground turkey! lettuce, spinach, tomato, little bit of shredded colby jack, turkey taco meat and about 2 tbsp's of spicy ranch dressing. YUM! that was seriously delish!

My last 2 snacks will be a banana and/or a yogurt. Depends on if i'm hungry for both. Maybe just one. I didn't get a middle snack because my lunch and dinner were too close and I like to eat my dinners fairly early.

So yeah! There it is! I think the main reason I'm so proud is because lately, I've been munching at work. People have all kinds of snacks and treats at work and I always take a bite here and a bite there. Those are one to many bites. I asked a friend what's a good method. He said it's just like any other mind setting task. You just have to put your mind to it, get through it a couple times, then it'll eventually not even matter. Another good something I heard was for people who sneak food. You're only hurting yourself. Like if you say "i'm on a diet" but then grab a burger on the way home. You're only cheating yourself. Why do that?

On to number THREE! I took my last birth control pill on Sunday! YAHOO!!! I haven't been able to tell a serious difference yet, but I'm hoping to come the next week or so. If you're reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about let me explain. For awhile I'd been noticing some negative things about myself. I got real depressed, anxious, worrisome. I always thought something bad was going to happen. That's not me. I'm an optimist! I had lower back pains and uncontrollable emotions. I got mad or irritated at the smallest things. I chalked it up to living with a man. haha! Honestly though. It all started when W moved in with me, so I figured that was it. Ironically, it also happened when I started taking my BC. So after doing some research I found I'm not the only one with these symptoms. There's HUNDREDS. So I decided when W left, I'd stop. I don't NEED it, as I'll have no one to bump dirties with and hopefully it will help clear up my emotions! haha!

Anyway. Lots going on in life and I've come up with several ideas to help pass the time with out my honey. If you need help, wanna hang, ANYTHING, I'm free. Well, except for when I have to go to the gym. That's a must ;)

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  1. i am SO glad you got off them pills, i want my old Katidid back!! The shopping looks way successful. can't wait until my dad leaves (not like that) so i can get back to the gym daily and back on my eating schedule.