Sunday, July 12, 2009

28 days :(

So, yeah... This is not something I'll enjoy writing about, but I guess you can't dodge the truth. My Bub leaves in 28 days for basic in Kentucky. He'll be there for roughly 10 weeks then I'll get to see him (hopefully, if work lets me) for his boot camp graduation. Then he's off to Texas to do his AIT, the school he goes to to get his specific training for his job (a medic). So all in all he won't be home until February or March. It's going to be a tough time, but I believe we'll make it :)

It was his 27th birthday on Friday! What an awesome day! We woke up and I fed him french toast and eggs, then he opened his presents (corn hole, Gran Torino (the movie) and an iPod touch). Then we headed up the hill to go horseback riding!! What a WONDERFUL time! We both had a blast. I rode Sisco and Wayne rode Chief! Our guide was from Tennessee and the nicest man ever. We rode with a couple from Kentucky. It was really awesome.

After the horse ride we went to lunch at Mooses Tooth. Bub's favorite local pizza joint. Then we went on a mission to find bean bags for the corn hole since the ones I ordered weren't gonna be in for a bit. Once we found some we stopped and got some dessert at DQ (Bub's request), then headed back home and played a few games of corn hole. All in all it was an amazing night. I hope he had as great of time as I did!

Unfortunately though this will be our last day off together until the weekend before he leaves when we'll be going down to Valdez to do some fishing and spend some quality time together. It's bitter sweet. I can't wait to spend that time with him, but at the same time that tells me that he's leaving.. I've decided though that i'm gonna do like a jelly bean jar for how many days he'll be gone. that way i eat one a day and the jar will get emptier and emptier :)

Anyway, other than that, we're just carrying on our normal lives. I started some plants from seed at the end of the spring. I honestly can't even remember everything I planted, but I do know my morning glories just bloomed and they're just gorgeous. I know my marigolds are about to bloom. My sweet peas are still growing UP. my poppies took a turn for the worse when I went to Valdez for the weekend and left Bub to take care of them. ;) I only tease. Bub's tomato plants are doing good. growing growing growing. I'm sad to say I don't think they're going to produce fruit before he leaves. Sad. I have a whole other bed of plants that I'm not even sure what they are. Oh well, I'm sure they'll be pretty.

We're still trying to stay in the fit game. We're not going as crazy as we used to, only because we're really trying to make the most of our time left together. If we can't make it to the gym because we'd rather stay on the couch and cuddle, so be it. That doesn't bother me a bit. My plan is while he's going to just go crazy. I know I have the determination and will power to lose the weight I want to and I think with W being gone it will just give me that EXTRA motivation that just pushes me. I can't wait. Yet another bitter sweet moment.

Anyway, I'm starting to carry on and I think you get the point of our life for now. If you made it this far, you rock. peace

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