Saturday, November 22, 2008

Game Day!

Well, I'm pleased to announce both of our college football teams did good today. The Ohio State Buckeyes (Wayne's team, obviously) beat their long time rival the Michigan Wolverines. They gave them a pretty good beatin' if I do say so myself. Now in order to watch this precious game though, we had to wake up at 8:30 this morning. To any normal person, that's not all that bad, but to us night owls, no can do. I work 4-midnight on a regular basis and you know it takes a couple hours to wind down, so at the earliest I go to bed sometime around 2. Wayne works 11pm-4am, roughly, so he usually goes to sleep at about 5 am. So needless to say getting up at 8:30 am... kinda rough. We managed to get through the game though. After it was over we both decided to just crash. We fell back asleep for about another 3 hours.

Now my gators on the other hand did an even BETTER job. They played The Citadel, which I must admit isn't a very good team, and they just killed them. The final score ended up being 19-70. How ridiculous is that. What's even worse is the second half they played the 2nd and 3rd strings! Wowza. Just reporting a good day in the life a college football enthuisiests.

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