Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday Fever!

WOW! What can I say. We LOVE the holidays. We went out yesterday and bought about $100 worth of holiday decor. Now this includes SERIOUSLY on sale Halloween stuff. We got a lot of good cool stuff. Then we got some Christmasy decorations. It was a lot of fun. We picked out a fake wreath, just a plain ole one. We got stuff to put on it though, so in a sense, we're hand crafting our wreath! We got these little kits. Oh they were hilarious. We did them last night. To say the least, Bubba got burnt.. a FEW times, my head and my body wouldn't stay together, I chocked Rudolf and Santa has an effed up nose. I'll have to post pictures. They came out cute in the end, but the process to get there was interesting!
Here they are...

All in all it was a fun day though. We decided to do some baking too. We chose cream cheese brownies over frosted sugar cookies. Mainly because the only cookie cutters we had were all Christmasy, and all though we love that holiday we thought that its probably a WEE bit too early. The brownies turned out delish. Home made rocks my socks. We even made little heart ones. Not on purpose. We forgot that we don't have a 9x13 so we used a 9x9 plus 4 little hearts. They were fabulous.

Anyway, there will probably be pictures soon to be included in the post. The holidays are just around the corner and to say the least, we CAN NOT WAIT! :P Hope everyone has a good week!



  1. Those are cute! I love the little reindeer.

    Mmm, brownies sound so good...

  2. Awww . . what are they made of?

  3. ones japanese latern with paper and little pom things, and the randier was other little pom things