Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So to finish off my set of 7 dreams, I dreamt a dream 2 nights ago.

We (Ashley Chaffin and I) were up at the pass going snowboarding. We climbed up this vertical tunnel that had a ladder in it and at the very top it had a zip line on it. I should mention just how high this was. It was VERY VERY high. Like hundreds of feet high. Well Ashley was like "I haven't done this in a while I'm gonna do it!" She grabbed with one hand then leapt with the other and her hand slipped off and she fell... I just watched her fall and fall and fall. I just grabbed my head thinking "what do I do? I have no idea what to even do?" I was just in shock at what had just happened! I climbed down so fast, thinking to myself there was no way someone could survive this. I got down and just screamed for help. there were already people trying to shovel her out since she had sunk down in the snow. I remember definitely not wanting to see her since I knew her body could possibly be mangled. I can't handle mangled. Then she was in the hospital... ALIVE!! I remember not seeing her for a bit then went to see her and her leg had been almost torn off her body and just nasty. They ended up stitching it back on and it was a gnarly scar! Then somehow that turned into Wayne's knee and scar. Anyway. That was it and with that I have completed my 7 dreams!! :)

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  1. Wow, She must be so happy to know you have such vivid dreams about her and violence! lol