Saturday, December 24, 2011

Layla - 210 days old

Oh what a blessing my little girl is... really. I love her to death. She let me sleep in until almost 9 today! We played a little and then she took her morning nap. This was around 11. She only slept about 20 minutes, but i let her be in there an hour so she could have some quiet time. When she was sleeping, I went and took a shower. When I finally went to get her we went and ran errands! We went all kinds of places and to visit poor Scoutie who got hit with a porcupine! She seems to be doing a little better. I think Layla cheered her up! :) Then we came home and played some more! She ate her cereal and seems to be wanting anything that's going in our mouths :P She tried some bread today. Maybe I need to start adding some food to her arsenal. She took a bath tonight, which she loves, especially since she's sitting up in the big kid bath now. Then down to bed. She's been asleep going on 5 hours now. It's been nice. I've been up making gifts for people. I'm going to do a completely different post on that, but i'll leave you with my sweet sleeping angel. Here she is tonight...

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