Thursday, December 22, 2011

Layla - 209 days old

Holy rough day :( I hate when she has days like this. She woke up at 7, which was far to early for when she went to bed, but I got up and handled it. I put her down for her first nap around 9 and she slept for about an hour. It was decent. Jaime came over to make cookies, which was interesting... ha! still have yet to make the others. Tried to put layla down for a nap and she went down great, but 5 minutes later she was UP! I let her cry for a bit, then decided maybe she wanted some food, so I fed her and nothing. So she got up and was up until 2:30 or so and i tried to put her down for a nap again and... nothing. Down for 10 minutes and up crying. I couldn't handle listening to her anymore (in a good way) so i went to take a shower. when i had got up, wayne had gone and got her and had her almost asleep on the recliner. We decided this was probably best just to let her sleep with him. She slept for about 35 minutes (which was good at this point) and got her ready to go. We went to the alumni game and she actually did pretty well. She had a few rough spots, but it was good. We came home, got jammies on, fed her and put her right to bed. she went right to sleep. I didn't hear a peep out of her until... now. for the last 10 minutes she's been crying. I know she's in there standing up, holding on to the edge of her crib. She sounds tired though, so i'm waiting the allotted 1 hour, which is what i normally do. i may go down to my room. it's easier when she's not so loud in my face. Anyway, it's been a rough day and i can only assume it's because she's kind of sick or maybe getting teeth. I'm not sure, but i hope it gets better soon :( My poor babe. NIGHT!

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