Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Layla - 207 days old

So poo... I've already missed a day. How sad! :P I was sooo tired last night I hardly had energy to do anything...  But yesterday she went to her nana's and hung out for a good 4 hours while W, Mueller and I went cross country skiing with Santina. It was a good time! It's a work out, which I think we all liked! She was good the whole day though! I went to the basketball christmas party and it was up to W to put her to bed and as usual, it didn't work out. For some reason, she finds no comfort in him. I think if it was between a stranger and W she would probably choose him, but otherwise, not so much.

As for today, she let me sleep in again until 8:30! yay! She napped SO good, besides her first nap which I was at practice for and so W had to put her down. It was only a 35 minute nap or so. She was happy though! She played around with the girls. She likes to play with her presents under the tree. She puts them in her mouth and tries to eat them. She's been trying new bits of foods every now and then. She gets oatmeal everyday, but my mom gave her banana and caramels. Tonight we had the PD christmas party. She got all dressed up and looked so stinkin cute. She was so well behaved too. I just love that girl. She got to stay up a little past her bed time and went to bed around 7:30 tonight ;) Here's hoping for a good night!

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