Monday, October 24, 2011

Dream numero quatre - Gondeks and weirdo dream

Ok, so apparently I'm the absolute worst at remembering dreams, so I've been typing out small blurbs on my phone after I wake up. Because of my lack of memory I'm only considering this one dream until I can remember something a little more elaborate. So... I'll type out what I wrote, then try to remember more about it.

So the first one I wrote "Gondek's checkbook has a lot of money." I don't remember a whole lot from this, but I remember looking at their checkbook and Jess got paid $1800 and after they paid everything they had to pay he still had $1500. I was completely baffled! HAHA! How weird. Why was I thinking about the Gondek's checkbook or the amount of money they make? Who knows!

Second one is "Flying to Cali, dad flying to Idaho, having Layla. Did great. Dad kept disappearing." Ok, now seriously? What the heck does this mean. I unfortunately do not remember a speck of this dream, but it's weird to think that I actually dreamt this! I'm sure I dreamt this because I have been thinking and stressing about this trip for a while. Flying alone with a 5 month old is not my idea of a good time, but we'll make it.

Anyway, there's my dreams! :)

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