Saturday, May 7, 2011

1 Week

Well, we're a week away from Baby V's due date. HOWEVER, baby V will probably not be coming on it's due date or even before, or heck even anywhere near it's due date! haha! Apparently I have a family history of late deliveries. My grandma's first child (my mom) was 3 weeks late, my mom's first kid (my brother) was 19 days late and I was 14 days late. Not to mention at my last appointment, which had me a day short of 39 weeks the doc didn't even find it necessary to check me. LAME. She said I haven't even dropped yet and she's only know 4 people in her 30+ years of practicing that didn't drop at least a week before they went into labor. Maybe I'll be that one... :P Anyway, I think things are changing, but very very very slowly. I can tell that baby is moving down as I get more movements down there, a few more pains down there, TONS of braxton hicks and can't bend over as easy.

Other than that things have been going well. I had my baby shower almost a week ago on Sunday, May 1st. It was beautiful. Amanda and Jessa threw it for me and they always do such a great job!

So here was my cake! SOO cute! Thank you to Terri Raidmae for making the cake and her culinary arts class for making all the cute fondant animals :)

Here's the favors, which were bath salts made by Amanda. At one point during the pregnancy my belly got REALLY itchy. I did a little research and found that oatmeal baths help with itchy skin so I asked Amanda, who makes bath salts on the side, if she made any oatmeal baths. Of course she did and made me a batch. It's actually a honey oatmeal bath salt. Long story short, they made these salts the favors! So cute! She added a little food coloring to match the decor and added personalized ribbon to tie it off. Oh and here's one of the FOUR diaper cakes that were there too :)

Here's the advice box. Great advice and will use it for a scrapbook someday!

Here are some of the guests playing the smell the diaper and guess what it is game. Man, some of these were GROSS!

We played a game where you had to guess how big I was by tearing off a piece of toilet paper. Kali, our youngest competitor ending up winning! She was not even a quarter inch off!

Cutting the cute cake! We had a Chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and a white cake with kiwi/coconut filling! They were both DELISH!

Here's one of the BEAUTIFUL diaper cakes. This one was made by Angela Bartelme. SO SO pretty. The flowers were fresh too! I saved all the little letters and hope to do something with them a little later on :)

And me showing off some of the cute gifts we got. I believe this particular one was from my mom!

Lastly a picture of Jessa and I. I can not thank her enough for everything she's done for me. I didn't get a picture with Amanda unfortunately, but these two together are just amazing. I'm so blessed to have friends like this. Thank you again a million times over!

Now hopefully my next post will be the debut of baby V! One can hope, right?!

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  1. So close!! I can't wait to meet Baby V! You have some amazing friends to put together such a beautiful shower!!