Sunday, August 8, 2010

MARRIED! 7.31.10

So we did it! We tied the knot!! It was such a beautiful day and couldn't have asked for anything to go any different. The morning of we got to wake up whenever we wanted to as we didn't have Nani, who was doing our hair and make up, come until 11 am. So we all casually got up and took showers and such. I jumped on trampolines, ran around like a man woman and thoroughly enjoyed myself :)

About 4 we all got dressed and did a mini photoshoot with my photographer who was AMAZING! If anyone is interested her website is She rocked. I hardly noticed she was there until we actually got dressed and her creative mind got going as far as "staged" shots. I then proceeded to undress as around the church was super muddy. At 6 we made our way to the church and redressed me. I had a corset back dress so it took longer then usual. At almost 6:30 on the dot the ceremony started. The girls were GORGEOUS and the little kids did really well. I'm not sure if a 4 year old flower girl could have spread petals anymore perfectly. My dad walked me down the aisle and as soon as I came into Wayne's view and he came into mine we were both with in a centimeter of crying. Luckily we held it together just fine. 10 minutes later the ceremony was OVER! Woohoo!!

The bridal party and special peeps stayed and took some pictures then Wayne and I left to go the Alyeska Resort to take pictures. We had a great time and Lorie was fast and efficient and may I add extremely awesome!

After that... LET THE PARTY BEGIN! We were introduced, did the garter toss (which Wayne surprised me and actually went UNDER my dress!), the bouquet toss and cake cutting. The cake cutting surprised me too because Wayne specifically said no cake slamming and while I was a dummy and played nice, he was not and i got a HUGE piece of cake slammed in my face... BOOOO. After that we danced the night away! The church lady even told us we could stay longer because we were having such a great time!

We left to the sound of beautiful little bells and a nice shiny, racing stripe adored 2010 Chevy Camaro! It was sexy! We drove to the hotel to check in and Wayne left his wallet in the car, so we decided to go get our stuff first, but not until I remembered we didn't sign our legal papers. So we made an embarrassing entrance BACK to the church/reception area where they were tearing the place down. We signed our papers and such and then got our stuff and went back and checked in to the hotel.

It wasn't until we got to hotel that we realized that we were STARVING! So we asked the front desk if they had like room service, only to be told that there's a vending machine on floor 2. Umm... NO.As a remedy, we called Billie and Mueller to see if they could bring us some food. Luckily there was pizza left over from the rehearsal dinner! woohoo!! They brought us a couple pieces and 2 delicious root beers!

Past that is really not ok to tell about, but I think you have an idea. ;)

Anywho, I'm so glad the day went so well. It looked like I imagined, well I didn't really imagine much so it looked MUCH better than I imagined! Here's a few pics from the night :)