Sunday, May 23, 2010

A new adventure!

Well, here we go! Wayne got a job down in my hometown of Valdez, Alaska as a Police Officer!! This has been his dream since he was in high school, so to finally achieve it is AWESOME! He started working Thursday and is thrilled already. Since starting he's already getting better on a whole new style of shooting.

What does this mean for me? Well, considering I'm 317 miles away it's kinda crappy right now. Luckily he works a week on week off schedule so while he's training he gets to come home on his weeks off. So obviously we have to move. I'm so happy to be moving out of the place we're in now. We tried a couple times before to find a better place, but everything we were finding was WAY more expensive for what we have, or the same price but with out some of the stuff we have, so we've sucked up it and stayed. The problems come when we have to find a place down there to stay. Since the population of the town is only a whopping 4,000 people living quarters (unless you want to buy) are hard to come by. So we've already begun the search.

I'll probably stop working around August, which will be a bummer. This is a great job and pays great and we're covered by the union, but love takes me elsewhere...

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