Wednesday, March 24, 2010

48 hours!

No, not the show. MY MAN! He comes home in exactly 48 hours. In fact, I'll be at the airport right now, waiting on him to walk out of security. Hopefully this time he won't have the ridiculous urge to pee... HA!

Last time he got a free upgrade to first class and he sat in 1B. I mean how much closer to the front can you get?! I was thinking to myself, what a GREAT spot for a man coming home to his woman on leave! So I wait, watching people from his plane coming out and I'm thinking to myself... what the hell?! He was in ONE B!! So I finally see the only man in uniform coming out and of course run to him and give him a giant hug. However, I will always remember, peeing was more important ;)

Back to the AWESOME point of this, Wayne is coming home! What's better? This time is FOR GOOD! I'm so ready for him to be home. Today marked 225 days away and it definitely feels like it. To top off all the great news... We're getting married in 130 days! OOOOH YEAH! It's the best feeling ever to know I'm marrying my best friend.

Welp, until I get bored tomorrow night thinking about how he's only a sleep away... ;)

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