Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My sweet love

So I thought I'd do a short update on my sweet babe. She's 9 months now! I can't believe how fast time has really flown. It's a blessing and a curse I tell ya! They just change SO fast! Anyway, he has one tooth, the other bottom one is ALMOST through and she crawls! Well she's been crawling since she was 6 months, but she's rather efficient at it now. She also pulls herself up on everything AND FAST! She also will stand there not holding onto anything for a few seconds.

She is eating all kinds of solids. I've started introducing just plain ol food to her. Don't think I'm going to puree anymore. She does such a great job chewing. I still avoid dairy, because I don't want it to bother her too much, but anything else is pretty much game. She claps on command, waves hi and bye when in the mood and has recently started saying "hi." And by saying I mean whispering it. It's so silly. Then tonight when she was at my mom's she taught her how to click her tongue. She doesn't do it like we do, but she sure tries. TOO CUTE.

Her cheeks are always still red. I think she has eczema considering only the hydrocortisone helps, which is a bummer because it's not really good for babies since it has steroids in it. I'm starting to get irritated by people suggesting things. If I added up the cost of EVERYTHING me or my mom or Wayne has bought we've spent a pretty penny. So as much as I appreciate the suggestions, I think time will just heal it and we'll keep it nice a moisturized until then...

So here's a few pic's of the little love! :)


  1. Lillia has psoriasis, as a baby it was quite bad and we have the steroid ointment. Ijust ignored what peopel said, they need to mind their own business. I only use the steroid ointment when it is bothering her, other wise like you i just moisturise and use unperfumed items

  2. Yup, if you go back and look at the pictures of James right after he was born his entire face was broken out from eczema. The steroid creame on it after washing it with whatever that out of the pharmacy soap is for a couple weeks cleared it up. Now its just a matter of keeping it lotioned up. It just takes time, but hey if its not bothering her than don't worry about it. And with Wayne gone right now you have the perfect thing to say to rude strangers who say anything about it. Just answer back to anything they say with "yeah, her father is a clown. I always thought their makeup would come right off, but nope they're born with it!" That will shut them up!! She is so adorable Katie!