Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another day zero thing is I have to identify 25 things I like about myself, so here goes!

1. I looove my eyes. I always get compliments and I like it!
2. I like my athleticness. I can pick up almost any sport. I may not be great, but I'll probably get it.
3. I like that I can cook. I haven't always been able to, but especially since becoming a stay at home mom I've really honed in on my skills.
4. I like my goofy pinky toe. It makes me, me.
5. I like that I handle pain well. Let's just say I gave birth with out even a thought of an epidural. I made it to the hospital and I had made it to 8-9 cm.
6. I like that I can fall asleep anywhere anytime. It's really come in handy :)
7. I like that I love working out. I may not always do it, but I truly get a euphoria from running and working out that is unlike anything else.
8. I like that I can TYPE! and fast!
9. I like that I can take a step back and realize things aren't THAT bad. The husband taught me this long ago. He would always say to me "no one is sick, or dying. Everything is ok." I try to say that every time I'm getting overwhelmed by a situation.
10. I like my body. I don't love my body, although I have, but I really do. I'm a curvy lady and that's OKAY!
11. I like that I run my own business. It took a lot of guts and hard work, but I'm doing it!
12. I like that I am musically inclined. I can carry a tune and play a few instruments :)
13. I like that I'm honest. It may not always be nice (and those I try to keep to myself) but, at least I don't get caught up in lies
14. I like that I'm open. I try to not get bogged down by what I think I believe or just by what someone has told me, I try to listen to all sides and decide for myself whats best for me. Research is also key in that
15. I like that I'm more spiritual now. I feel like having a better bond with God has made me a better person.
16. I like that I am technologically sound. I can work my way around almost any technology.
17. I love my ability to forgive easily. I'm not one to hold a grudge.
18. I love my creative self. Whether it be photography, hair dressing or whatever!
19. I love my love for animals. I guess it's the same as babies. I love cute and cuddly things. I love that I love cute and cuddly things :)
20. I like that I remember peoples special things. Whether it be a birthday, christmas, just because, WHATEVER! I never forget thank you notes and I'm sure people appreciate this. It makes me happy.
21. I like that I have family upon family upon family. I have my REAL family, which can be quite extensive, I have my in laws who are awesome and also quite extensive, then my love not blood family which is also quite extensive. I love love love it.
22. I like that I love to garden. It's a recent love, presumably inherited by my mutha. I think it's ever since I got a yard I've been more interested.  
23. I like my hair... most days. I like that it's versatile most. I can straighten it, curl it, it's kinda curlyish so lots of options.
24. I like my parenting skills. I like to think I have just the right mixture of love and discipline.
25. I like the feeling of my skin. Sounds weird and boastful, but my skin on my stomach has always been really soft. I love it.

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