Monday, December 12, 2011

Layla - 199 days old

I went and did a date calculator to find out how many days old she was. WOW!! almost 200 days old!! That's just crazy! Well, We had to get up kind of early today to watch kids. :) I had all the boys today! HOW FUN! So I got up around 7:40 and when I came upstairs Miss Layla was already blabbing away. She just played away, was a little grumpy, ate oatmeal twice and took 2 naps. She got to go wake her daddy up around 2, which she loves to do! She's starting to pull herself up on things. It used to just be me that she'd try to grab onto, but now it's anything really. I'm so worried she's going to slip and knock her face. I know she will do it a couple times inevitably, but I just don't want it to. She had kind of a hard time going to sleep, but she only cried for many 5 minutes instead of 45 like that last 2 nights. I hate nights like that. Last night I felt so bad I tried to go in there and help her again and she as fine when I was holding her then when I put her down she started screaming again, so I knew there was nothing I could do and sure enough 10-15 minutes later she was asleep. She's been sleeping until 3 or 4, then eating and sleeping again until 8ish. Sometimes it's a little before, sometimes a little after. She just started this better sleeping about a week ago. She used to get up twice a night, so this whole once a night is GREAT! :) Anyway, That's a general update on her and today. She's really turned into a Momma's girl. She'll go to ANYONE and gives anyone a sweet little smile, but if she's grumpy or it's close to nap time all she wants is Momma. She's definitely crawling EVERYWHERE. So if she's in a bad mood she'll crawl to wherever I am. It's just adorable. Anyway, that's all for now :) Oh and what would it be if I didn't insert a cute recent pic of her :)

Here are my 2 loves. My world revolves around them. Oh and it was Layla's first day with big girl pig tails! SO CUTE!!

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