Thursday, August 25, 2011

WOW! Almost missed my August blog!!

Well, August has been full of fun! Jaime and I celebrated Elvis Presley day for day zero project, my little miss is about to turn 3 months (WTH?!) and I've got my photography business going FULL TIME! All the kids are back in school and Kenzie went to her first day of Kindegarten today, which was so cool! I went and saw her before she left and she was so so so excited. I love seeing that excitement on small children. So it was just me and Addy all day today, which was very odd. I've had both girls for a year now and to have just one is just plain weird.

As far as the business goes I've had some good business. I have about 6 or 7 shoots set up for now. I have a few prospective ones as well. I have a couple seniors, a couple families and some kids! I love it! Fall is definitely setting upon us though, it's cooling off and it's been RAINING. BOO!

My little baby girl is going to be THREE months in 2 days. I can not believe it. :( She's growing up right before our eyes. She full on laughs now. It's rather amusing and definitely contagious! She stands up with assistance all the time, she takes naps regularly and sleeps through the night except to get up to eat, which she's been doing pretty much since she was born. She takes all her naps up in her crib so we'll try to transition just to the crib after she goes down to 1 feeding a night. I wouldn't mind that, but 2 feedings would just be a PITA! :)

Other than that, the husband and I are doing great. Talking about baby number 2... JUST KIDDING! HAHA! I haven't even had my IUD in 6 weeks! haha! We'll see when we're going to have our next one... We will see...

Until next time!

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